When I set this goal, I was thinking about the really big Comic-Con in San Diego, but then I found out we were getting one here in Nashville. So, I’m checking this one off, because I saw:

  1. Cosplayers. (Including many Iron Mans (Iron Men?), zombies, ladies dressed as The Doctor or the TARDIS, unidentifiable (to me) video game characters, and one completely adorable little girl in a knit cap decorated with two big Princess Leia buns.)
  2. Plenty of comic books and comic book art. 
  3. Bruce Campbell. 
  4. Geek toys. 
  5. A gigantic inflatable Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. 
  6. A girl who’d asked Stan Lee to autograph her shoulder and then covered it with tape so she can have it inked on her shoulder for all eternity. 
Done and done.