So its been 4 years and a month that I spend with my lovely son, well plus the 41 weeks that Issac in my tummy, being a single mom is just a tough job that i have never had…
From the day i was pregnant til now, I have spent a lot of time with my son Issac, the time that I spent, we had happy and sad, I believe that I have learned a lot , same as Issac
Seeing him growing up everyday, I feel really proud of my son, one day I died, hope that Issac will see how life suppose to be and how much that I love him
Fighting with his dad in court is such a pain…waste lots of money and time, and his dad still dont wanna stop fight for Issac money…which driving me crazy…I still dont understand why he wants to get Issac’s money…hopefully what I am doing right now to protect Issac’s money worth the tune out in Issac future
Right now, all i hope is Issac learn and grow and be a good person, i have been working a lot, and i feel like i didnt spend enough time with my son…i really hope that issac will understand :(
with the fact that no child or spousal support…being a single mom to pay bills…i feel the pain of all single parents…and its frustrated…anyways…i need to get back to work now…love you issac ! i m going to try to spend every moment i have with you and will have more and more adverture each day