QuickBooks is
a known accounting software which can perform a various
task for your organization or it can be said that it can help you in managing
your business. There are several features and function in a different version of QuickBooks for a different purpose for the different users. In
other words, there is something for
everyone. Sometime you might face an issue of the deleted transaction and you are looking for “How to recover deleted
transactions in QuickBooks” then it can be said that there is no direct way
possible. If you deleted the transactions entries by mistake then no direct way
is there but through Audit Log, that transaction can be recovered. Here you can
find the solution with the instruction and you need to follow each and every
step and if you face some problem while following the steps then there is
another way of resolving the issue through QuickBooks customer care 1-800-234-6190
where you will get the help from certified experts.

Audit log on how to
recover deleted transactions in QuickBooks:

It is important to note it down that the
method which we are providing over here can be applied
only when you have saved your transactions earlier otherwise it won’t be
possible for you to recover your transactions in anyways.

How to use audit log to recover lost info?

To begin with,
you are required to Login
 to your QuickBooks dashboard and then need
to click on the settings tab.

2. Here you have to click on the audit trail option from the drop-down menu.

3. After that, you have to choose the filters tab and have to sort the data by date and the activity type. This option will help you in narrowing down your data. Now you have to select the date range you want to recover the transaction which was deleted in. if you feel that you have
forgotten that particular date then you can even generate a report by a week or for a particular month. After setting the dates you have to click on the refresh tab and you can see all the entries over here.

4. After the previous step, you need select Ok from the dialogue box.

5. The window which will appear and from here you have to navigate to the deleted transaction. Now you have to just press Ctrl+F and then type in the delete. This action will
show you the deleted entries.

6. In this step, you need to click on View tab from the history section of
the current window.

7. After that, you will be able to see everything related to the deleted transaction, such as date of creation, date of updates.

8.  Finally, you have to Re-enter your transaction in the same way within QuickBooks and it’s all done now you can save you all the deleted transaction.

As according to the above process you can recover all the transaction which you deleted previously and for that you have to follow the steps in a proper manner. In case you failed to do so then there is another way out to recover the deleted transaction through QuickBooks technical support number  where you will get the assistance of the qualified technicians. You can get help online 24×7.

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