is not just an accounting software but it manages all the statistical needs of
an organization. From preparing vendor lists
to making balance sheets and arranging employee salaries, you can do any
accounting related task in this software. But at certain times, users of this
software face some issues in creating an invoice
from an estimate in the software, if you are also confronting similar issue
then you must reach out to QuickBooks customer care number  1-844-794-2515 which is available 24 hours of the day for the
resolution of this software related issues.

customer invoice can be easily created from an estimate in the QuickBooks. An
invoice is an itemized bill issued by a seller listing the goods and services
supplied to the buyer containing individual prices, total charges, and the terms. By performing some
troubleshooting steps you can easily create an invoice from an estimate in

How to create an Invoice from the estimate in QuickBooks

Step 1: Open your software, on your dashboard, go to the
‘Invoices’ option from the estimate and
click send your first invoice.

Step 2: Select the customer you are invoicing to and add
details then save to customer list

Step 3: Select the Payment Terms

Step 4: Enter what you sold

Step 5: Email the invoice

Step 6: Preview and customize your invoice

Step 7: Add your logo file. Usually,
QuickBooks matches the template colors of your logo. If you would like to have a
different color from the logo, just pick
it on the image.

Step 8: Change your invoice template from the variety of
looks to choose from. On the left panel there are many options, pick one and

Step 9: Set up online payments by clicking on getting set up
and filling out an application

Step 10: Send your invoice

is quite easy to create an invoice from an estimate but in case if you find it quite difficult then it is advised to take
help from QuickBooks customer support number , where the certified technicians will provide you an appropriate
solution to the issue in the least
possible time.

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