Remember when you thought money can buy happiness and even if it could; you need to have a lot of bucks weighing down on your pockets. I mean, yeah you can only travel if you have money and every little luxury in life these days is highly dependent on money. It is all about the money now.  Bars, dates, cars…even electricity, heaters, clean water – literally every little necessity of life costs us so much. It’s like we are paying the corporate world just to stay alive, no?

But, but, but; my dear mundane friend what if I say that you…yes you…can choose to have happiness in a price at which you can afford it with Xfinity Bundles! Yes, happiness just came in bundles and offers knocking at your door. It’s not even expensive and guarantees satisfaction.

So now all you need to do is open their website or make a call and ask the representative whatever you wish. The most adorable thing about them is that being such a big brand they still thought about how many people can’t afford to pay too much and thus came up with the idea of more than just one bundle deal. Their bundles start with a price as low as $89 and goes up to 200$. Now at this point you must realize that they don’t just provide quality but also quantity.

Their bundles include the triple play packages and honestly I don’t think any other triple play package is this good or even reasonable to this extent. They offer telephone, TV as well as internet – even if we get them from different brands their price in total would be much higher in comparison than their bundles. Oh and let’s not forget that they give a lot of features alongside their packages too. They offer a two year agreement to their customers which states all the prices and how and if there would be an increase in the charges in time. They put it all on the table to make sure, we are well equipped with their terms and conditions.

Oh and just so you know…even their lowest bundle has unlimited nationwide calls!!

Double Play?

Okay, so you do not have 89$ to blow for happiness? Well, no worries!!

Just go get yourself a double play bundle in even less than $50 and spark up your life! Their prices for double play start from as low as $49.00 and go up to $110. The coolest part is that they offer almost 3 different double play bundle deals in the same price i.e. $49.00. All three packages have different features except one characteristic which is that 2 – 5 devices can share the internet. It has up to 25 Mbps downloadable speed which is common in all the three packages as well.

So don’t you dare say to yourself why you aren’t happy or that you can’t be happy!! Imma come out of this screen and beat you up for that. I say that because you now know and have a way to relax yourself. You can connect with your loved ones and customize deals as per your own individualistic desire!!

Moreover they have a customer service sitting there just for you. Whatever questions you have just talk to them. They’d probably guide you better. Moreover, if you get anxious while talking on calls you can always open their website and get all the information you need. Who knows – you might even be able to order online!! Yeah, it can be as easy as that so just move yo arse and get what you need!