In a few days starts the Month Without Tobacco. Maybe you’ve been thinking about quitting smoking. Here are 10 tips to improve your chances of success.

Back to basics. Embolized for months in the “political” fights, I am rediscovering at this time with the animation of the Facebook group Smoke-Free Month the immense pleasure of sharing his experience of vaporizer to help smokers. Here is an article inspired by the many hours spent reading the good advice of expert vapers and exchanges with beginners.

Even if the French authorities are totally in denial, vape is now the best way to try to stop smoking. Other countries are assuming and encouraging it, in the United Kingdom in 2016, during the STOPTOBER (the operation that inspired our Tobacco Free Month) 53% of smokers chose vape to try to quit smoking. This year’s figures are expected to be “explosive” as the electronic cigarette was even more prominent in 2017. The tool is present and recommended in commercials, on this page, click Watch the TV advert.

These tips are intended for smokers who want to discover fuss. Of course, experienced sprayers will look for other types of information if they are passionate and want to perfect their practice.

1 – Don’t be afraid of fury

That’s the basis, if you have any doubts, it’ll stress you out. So try to make yourself comfortable by asking questions. The Vaping Post site is a trusted source, and you will find all the information there. It is produced by serious journalists who investigate, who really read the studies they are talking about and who know how to interview specialists.

2 – Don’t be afraid of nicotine

Since 1992, nicotine substitutes have been on sale to help smokers quit smoking . Nicotine is not a problem, on the contrary, it’s a friend. Taking nicotine, in good doses, helps to keep the craving for cigarettes at bay.

3 – Don’t be afraid to quit smoking

You may have already tried to quit smoking. You have a bad memory of it: stress, suffering from lack, weight gain, relapse, etc. Unfortunately, in France in particular, the idea is cultivated that quitting smoking is (even must be) a way of the cross, the smoker must suffer, some kind of penance, stupid as it was to start smoking.

Good news! With vape, you have every chance to experience quitting smoking as a pleasure. It’s hard to believe, but it’s the reality, the vaporizers often annoy others, with their smile and relaxed…

4 – Buy adapted equipment to begin with

There are hundreds of vape materials. It’s not easy to make your choice when you don’t know anything. Obviously, it is best to seek professional advice. But above all, you must insist, you need a beginner’s equipment, otherwise you risk missing your start. You will have plenty of time, later on, to get passionate and acquire expert equipment.

At the beginning you need simple and effective equipment to avoid the difficulties of operation which would disturb your beginnings. Neither too big (expert) nor too small (lack of effectiveness). With a “tight draft” atomizer, to get closer to the feeling of “real” cigarettes. A good benchmark, the “resistance” indicated in ohm must be at least 1? or even 1.5?

5 – Push the door of a specialized vape shop

Avoid buying flip-flop equipment from a tobacconist. The quality may not be there, especially if he or she is trying to get you a brand from the tobacco industry. In addition, you will certainly have no advice on how to operate and best practices to get started in the best conditions.

The best vape shops  are run by ex-smokers, who have discovered the miracle of vape and have therefore opened a specialized shop. Generally speaking, merchants are increasingly competent at advising on the right materials and explaining how to get started. If you are a novice, a serious merchant will spend about 30 minutes with you, starting with questions. If he immediately offers you material without trying to understand your profile, run away!

6 – Buy on a website

It is possible that you don’t have a good specialized shop near you, or that you absolutely want to skim the web to find the best price. Choose a site that offers a beginner space and takes the trouble to make precise descriptions of the materials sold (see point N°4). Some web shops even offer videos that can be very useful to get started. Also check the warranty and service conditions. VAPE material remains small consumer electronics, in case of worries, it is better to have to deal with an honest, efficient and well organized site.

7 – How to choose e-liquid

The e-liquids are mainly composed of vegetable glycerine (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). If you have well equipped yourself with a beginner’s material with a fairly high resistance, give preference to a liquid containing at least 50% PG, see more. In addition to lessening the wear and tear on your resistance, PG also promotes the “scratch” in the throat (hit) that all smokers are looking for at first.

Don’t hesitate to take a high nicotine level, 12mg/ml is really the minimum. Don’t be afraid to go up to 18. The higher your level, the less complicated it will be to “fill” yourself with nicotine. The goal is to repel the desire for a “shoot” with a cigarette and to undermine your morale.

For flavours, tobacco will probably be the best choice for making a transition. But you can also choose mentholated mentholates that offer a good mouthfeel, something is happening! For the more adventurous, do not hesitate to choose a liquid by greed, if you like lemon meringue pie, why not… If you manage to get out of the cigarette, you will quickly go towards new flavours to please you.

8 – Start without stress

Take the time to discover your equipment and go for as long as you want. Drink plenty of water, more than usual. Sometimes a slight headache is due not to an overdose of nicotine, but simply to dehydration. The vapor that you exhale is essentially composed of water, this water is drawn from your body.

No doubt, you will immediately reduce the number of cigarettes smoked, without any stress or effort. The luckiest will stop completely and immediately. But no matter what happens, you should already experience the happiness of smoking much less. Take the time to appreciate, get used to the functioning of your equipment and the organization, always think about the charge of your battery, have some liquid to refill the atomizer, etc….

9 – Eliminate the last few cigarettes

The morning cigarette is one of the most difficult to remove. It takes at least 30 minutes of vape to arrive at a nicotine equivalent of a first cigarette. The goal is therefore to saturate you and eliminate the urge to shoot.

Coffee/cigarette can also be a complicated time. The solution is either to try to avoid the coffee (which makes you want to smoke), or reserve a liquid that accompanies it well. Look in the “strong” or greedy ones, it can be flavours like rum, chocolate, caramel, gourmet vanilla.

For evening cigarettes, the one that you finally smoke at home, or after a meal when you can finally snap into the couch, the technique also consists of reserving a liquid that you particularly appreciate, that you want to take the time to enjoy. If you have the means, a special evening ecig can also be dedicated to those moments when you want to unwind and often associated with one of the few cigarettes of the day that you really “enjoy”.

10 – Exchange with other beginner vapers

If beyond quitting smoking you want to cultivate yourself on the vape, you will quickly find on the web Facebook groups of enthusiasts, or forums – 4 years ago, I learned all the basics of vape here. Be careful because experts don’t always have the best advice for beginners, someone who directs you to a 200 Watts box with a specially designed vape kit  for 3mg/ml of nicotine will not have understood that you are just starting.

Wherever you are, try to talk to recent beginners who will have a much more adapted experience and vocabulary, or with experts but who adapt to your situation as a beginner.

As I indicated at the beginning of this article, for the Month Without Tobacco a group has been created for people who want to try to quit smoking with the vape: Les Vapoteurs #MoisSansTabac.

There you will find many beginners and experienced vapers who wish to accompany the primo-vapers. Tobacco Info Service has imposed burdensome rules, including a ban on citing brands or materials. But the members get used to it and many people already declare themselves non-smokers “thanks to the group” and after only a few days.