How to Fix
QuickBooks Error 5502

It is normal these
days to get the error while using software. Same is the thing with QuickBooks
software. It is the most used accounting software but still, people go through
difficulties and face technical hitches and performance hiccups. You should
know that the customer support team is always available at all hours to get the
help regarding any issue with QuickBooks software.

QuickBooks Error Code

Error codes are the
number referring to a particular type of problem with software, it corresponds
to the status of the system, device or software. QuickBooks Support Number refers to the
problem that ‘Sync could not be completed’. When you face this error a message
appears on the computer screen saying ‘QuickBooks data has been uploaded but
the connection to server failed’. This error can occur on a computer due to
several reasons:

  •   Company’s document files have changed and the
    software is unable to examine the company record.
  •   Any other running program on the computer
    causing the problem with QuickBooks software.
  •   Any virus or malware presence in the computer.

Steps to Fix
QuickBooks Error Code 5502

When you face the
QuickBooks Error Code 5502 then you are advised to follow the troubleshooting
steps given in this blog to rectify this error quickly. These steps are
suggested by professional techies of QuickBooks. Proceed with these steps to
solve the error code 5502:

Step 1. Rename
QuickBooks .nd file

  •   Go to the QuickBooks software in the C-drive
    of the computer.
  •   Find the .nd file in the QuickBooks folder.
  •   Rename the file and put .old at the end of the
    file name.
  •   Use QuickBooks database server manager and
    scan the renamed file.
  •   If these steps worked and you can see the file
    name then the issue is solved. Else, go with another method.

Step 2. Copy the
company file in a new folder

  •   Go to the QuickBooks folder and press Ctrl+A
    and Ctrl+C.
  •   Then create a new folder and paste all the
    data in that folder by pressing Ctrl+V.
  •   Change the qbm extension file to QBB.
  •   Then restore the backups of QuickBooks folder.
  •   If the file opens then well and good, else
    change the extension again.
  •   If the problem is still occurring, then update
    your sync manager.

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to fix QuickBooks error code 6144 82

These are the steps by
which you can solve the QuickBooks Helpline Number.
If you want techies help, then talk to experts on customer support service.

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