“You’ve got mail from Sonja Foust.”  Really?! I have an email from the Pintester?  Awesome!  Wait, did I sign up for a list or something?  *click* “Hello Pintester Movement participants!” SHIT!  I completely forgot about this.  Even worse, I thought we were supposed to post to her on Thursday. But re-reading the email tonight (ok, really reading it all the way through for the first time, yikes!) I realized that she needs my blog NOW. STAT. ASAP.  And I forgot… oh no I didn’t. We made GAK this week!! So here is my first blog ever, and it’s about slimey, sticky, fun gak.  I didn’t take enough pics, so it won’t be sexy, but hopefully it will be fun :)


Anyone who has kids and is on Pinterest has seen them. The moms with blogs where they tout all the wonderful activities they set up and then invite their children to explore.  Their perfectly clean homes with their amazingly organized craft/exploration/education areas.  Their clean homes with their perfectly behaved kids.  I don’t have most of those things, and reading some of those blogs makes me gag.  But they do do some cool stuff, and it’s stuff I want to try with my youngling.  Especially since we sit around the house staring at each other so many hours of every day.  Somehow I actually remembered to buy the things needed for the slime/gak pin: clear school glue (could also use white but I wanted to put cute little things in the gak), Borax (discovered another box of it under the sink when we were done, oh well) and sequins.  I already had food coloring and glitter, and we were ready to go!


The instructions for this range from simple to complicated depending on which pin you follow.  Really all you need to do is thin out the glue with some water, mix 1 Tbs of the Borax into some water, and then start mixing them up.  I really wish we’d taken more time with this step, because it was AWESOME!  We poured an entire bottle of school glue into a big bowl, filled the bottle with some warm water and mixed it up, added some food coloring (Youngling chose blue) and sequins/glitter to the glue and mixed.  Then we poured a little bit of the borax/water mix into the bowl, and it was Science in Action!  Wherever the borax touched, the glue immediately started to congeal into slime.  The more we poured in the more it solidified, until we had a big gelatinous mass in the bowl.  I read some other sites later and learned that we made long-chain polymers.  This excited Youngling, because he’s a self-proclaimed scientist, although I’m not sure at 5 he completely understands.  I’m just glad he liked it.  Oh, and I found a use for the spaghetti sauce bottle I washed and saved, I knew it would come in handy.  It is a perfect home for “Bob” (after the blue guy on Mosters vs Aliens) and the jar is pretty much all the way full of Bob!  Now to find a pin to tell me how to make Bob’s home cute….

So that’s my first blog and my little contribution to the Pintester Movement.  Thanks Sonja for the kick in the pants.  We had so much fun  I may just have to keep up with this!