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Dear Mr. McEwan,

I’m sending you this letter of thanks for being one of the writers who has inspired me and truly changed my life.

To say that I admire your work is an understatement. I believe you to be one of the best, if not the best living writers in the world and I think you’re up there with the greats of all time. As a novelist myself I know how difficult it can be to stand back for a moment and see anything but how one could have been still better, but I hope you appreciate what a great accomplishment your novels represent.

When I read AtonementEnduring LoveSaturday, etc., I was an assistant at a literary agency with no idea I’d go on to become a novelist of my own. From you I’ve learned that one can be literary while maintaining a grasp of the plot, and the importance of complex relationships as a way of learning about characters.

Above all, you’ve taught me humility. Because I’ll never be as good as you.

Thank you for your work, it has impacted me tremendously.

Nathan Bransford