At the camper over the weekend, needed some easy, expandable food (you never know who will be by the bonfire or when a spontaneous Happy Hour will pop up) so I picked some pins off my new Pinterest Boards.

First up Secret Fruit Salad ( I saw this several times with slight variations and just pinned the last one I came across so I’d know how much pudding to use. Yeah, um, true to the Pintester style I mucked this one up. The first instructions I saw (one quick glance, how hard could it be?) said to use frozen fruit. Now the one that I pinned didn’t actually say that, but I think it would’ve made a big difference. I cut up 2 containers of fresh strawberries, 20 grapes (they were huge!), and 2 large bananas then measured out 2 Tbsp of instant vanilla pudding. Fat Free. Sugar Free. And proceeded to mix it all together. The result (I forgot my camera at home, dang it!) was fruit covered with yellow, unflavorful, bits that looked like sand. I realized my fruit, being fresh, was not juicy enough so I added a little water. No help. I had the rest of the pudding mix left over so I mixed it up with milk and added it in. No help. It did not look good nor taste especially good so I, um, ate the whole thing myself over 3 days. Too embarrassed to show it to anyone. FAIL.

Next up Shredded BBQ pork chops. Yes, chops, shredded! I put this on my crockpot board specifically to make at the camper. Food cooks all day while I’m outside having fun! Recipe here: We had stocked up on many food items including meat over the past few weeks. Pork chops must have been especially well priced as we probably have 12 large butterfly chops in the freezer and I’ll tell you I’m not that big of a fan. But that’s a different story. I saw this recipe and thought – perfect way to use up some of those chops and I love pulled pork. On this one I read the recipe in advance and brought everything along, including crockpot liners (LOVE those). But I still managed to get it not quite right…I like to sleep in on the weekends and so by the time I got going it was nearly 1:00 in the afternoon. I reread the recipe and it was supposed to cook on low for 7 hours. Oops! Well, I got busy and put everything into the crock pot at 1:45 and set ‘er on high thinking to cut out some of that cook time, at least up front. I’d come back and turn it to low in 2 hours. Except I forgot. I am also the woman who once put a loaf of bread in to bake, promptly forgot about it, and went and took a nap. Luckily someone else was home so the house didn’t burn down but the bread was a rock. So, 4 hours later I get back to the crock pot to find that the liner has puffed up, taking on air between the pot and the chops in effect crushing the chops all together in the middle. Uh oh – raw or undercooked chop? Nope! They were totally done and shredded easily with two forks; AND they tasted wonderful. PASS.

And finally, the Pièce de résistance, “homemade ice cream sandwiches.” As per my usual MO I didn’t read the instructions because the pin had a picture and the description said “cool whip/pudding between a graham and frozen. Low fat ice cream sandwiches.” What more do you need? Apparently milk, yes, you need milk. But my son and I made them without becuase we didn’t read the directions! Turns out the flavor was fine, we used chocolate pudding, but the texture was a little off. In fact the cool whip/pudding was pretty much like hardened plaster by the time we got to the last few crackers. But we froze them all and ate them all. My son liked them so well he ate them for breakfast. I did look at the recipe to see where our mistake was and we will try these again. My son requests we skip the milk again, but I think not. PASS.

I didn’t intentionally try to muck these up, but I seem to have the knack for not reading everything, not having everything, or not paying enough attention; but also having a lot of fun! Thanks for the challenge Sonja, it was fun.