Would you like to increase your brand reach and
website traffic? Do you want to grow your customers base and increase sales? If
that is the case, then Instagram is the right choice to go for.

Instagram has exceeded 300 million monthly users
which is surprisingly greater thanTwitter. Many big brands and small businesses are finding ways to
interact with the Instagram users and earn relevant audience who can become
their loyal and returning customers.

Keep in mind that it is not just the numbers
that many small businesses and digital marketing companies  need to care
about. It’s about how people massively people are using this platform.

Instagram are real shoppers. If you successfully
post the right image that convey the right message to the right prospect,
chances are your magic spell will appeal to your customers without even
directly selling to them.

These days, shoppers need references and this is
why they turn to social media. So, Instagram has potential to convert passive
shoppers into qualified leads.

If you are new to Instagram and want to increase
your online brand reach and website traffic, no worries. Here’s are some easy
tips and tricks to promote your brand on Instagram and increase your website
traffic with this amazing platform.

Let’s dive in.

Why You Should Give Instagram a Whirl to Promote
Your Brand

Since there are many reasons to use Instagram
for your benefit, here are some key reasons businesses should give Instagram a

give high priority to visual content and it’s a perfect choice for your

hates cluttered posts. So, focus on less is more formula.

limit in descriptions is not any issue.

are no such Algorithms that hide your brand content.

is especially created for mobile users, so you can easily increase the number
of your mobile customers.

Now let’s check out.

How to Increase Website Traffic with Instagram

Use Your Bio Effectively

Include an Instagram badge on your website so
that people can easily find you on this platform.

To make your Instagram bio more effective, add
the full information about your brand such what your business does, what type
of services or products you offer, your website address, contact info, location
and more. By adding a link to your website, you give people a chance to visit
your website, thus generating more traffic.

But no one bothers to click on the link
mentioned in your bio, unless you use a compelling CTA in your posts. This is
the best way to get people’s attention and encourage them to click on your bio

Use the Power of CTA in Your Visual Content

Choose the best and compelling visual content,
use catchy text and relevant hashtags to encourage people to take desired
action. If you tell people what and how to do to get a desired product or
service, they will surely take the action

Start using relevant hashtags, make sure to
limit the number between 5 to 10. You can combine the most popular hashtags
with less popular ones. You can useWEBSTA to search for popular
hashtags, and keywords related to the topic and your industry.  

Ask Influencers to Promote Your Product

A mutual effort will always give the best
result, this is why in digital marketing, it is always a smart choice to collaborate
with industry influencers and thought leaders to get the desired results.

Industry influencers have already gained a good
reputation and a massive following base. They are true leaders, you need to
find the ones that are relevant to your industry and collaborate with them to
promote your brand.

Sharing your brand content through influencers
in your industry can increase conversion by 3x to 10x.

You can send influencers samples of your visual
content on Instagram and give something in exchange for this positive gesture.
This way you are on the right way to gaining more brand reach and traffic.

What to Share on Instagram to Create more

Creative images of products that are captured in
an amazing background, and then using Instagram filters to give them a more
polished look. You can use images of your products, behind-the-scene images,
tips, demo, advice or anything that is interesting.

Interactive videos can also do wonders. You can
record the special moments of behind-the-scenes, any new product feature
addition, team’s celebration, FAQs or anything that hold the attention of your
followers and encourage them to become your paid customers.

Treat your Instagram followers special, value
them, engage them, respond to their posts, follow them, create special
promotions and discounts for them. This will ultimately help you earn trust of
your customers and increase your customer loyalty.

Include watermark in every single image you post
on Instagram as you never know which of your images will go viral. So, add your
website link in your photos.iWatermark makes it easier, try

Now, It’s Your Turn

Your brand is as important as your products and
services. Instagram is the best tool to promote your brand identity, reach and
website traffic. It will help you increase your followers that will ultimately
become your customers. So, follow the above-cited tips and increase your
chances of getting more traffic and get paid.