My word for this year is Home. After spending a year traveling full time, my family and I are more than ready to replant our roots. We need to refuel with community, familiarity and routine.

The first step I took towards creating a stronger sense of home was to create a vision board. I decided that I was going to really do it right this year and make a vision board that could be displayed. That got me thinking how cool it would be if everyone in my family had a vision board and we could hang them as a grouping on our wall.

With just a tiny bit of guilt (and a reminder that I’d already spent $70 on supplies), they went for it.

We spent about two hours cutting, gluing and painting. The process was just as enjoyable to me as the result, which now hangs on our kitchen wall next to our dinner table. Every time I walk by it, I’m reminded of that time we spent together.

It’s a great first step towards creating our new home.