i know this seems like a super easy “life list goal,” but i knew it would be more complicated than it seems, which is why it’s taken me so long to do it. but i’m also working on my “redesign blog” goal, and i want a photo with balloons as my new header! so i bit the bullet and went to town. i ordered the balloons online and while they were surprisingly cheap, shipping cost double than the balloons themsleves! i didn’t understand this, especially when they showed up and the packing was no-frills. lesson learned: order more balloons than you need to save on shipping, just in case you ever need them again! so the balloons sat at my desk for a couple weeks, untouched, while i brainstormed what to wear and where to shoot. i originally thought the beach, but couldn’t really envision the final image, and i didn’t want to look like i was copying the cover of a well known blogger’s book. i settled on the idea of my tulle-skirted dress and jean jacket for that fancy-casual look and i decided i just wanted a blank wall for my background to let the balloons pop (without actually popping!). once i had it all put together in my head, i just waited it out, and the perfect opportunity for the day presented itself when a coworker (who had already offered to take the photos) and i decided to go to lacma for free museum day! boom. done. so after a series of kind of comical setbacks, we made our way to the miracle mile, balloons filled in the backseat, found our wall, and snapped the photos! and now, i have two giant balloons residing in my studio apartment with me, just begging for more photos to be taken.