the minute i heard about the silent disco, i IMMEDIATELY wanted to go. unfortunately, the night that it was held then, i was sick in bed. waaamp. so i signed up for the newsletter, followed them on twitter and fiiinally, a year and a half later, i went! this particular night was a michael jackson/prince versus beck/beastie boys/beatles mash-up. so flippin awesome, right??

when you get in, they give you headphones and the two DJ sets were being wirelessly transmitted, so you could switch between them with a button on your headset. it was a little strange when we got there – it was held in a restaurant and being the earlybird that i am, we got there right on time – so there were still people eating. all of us disco-ers were crammed in the bar area and hardly anyone had their headphones on. slowly but surely though, the diners finished up and the dance floor was cleared. 

that’s when it turned awesome. we all put on our headphones and headed out to get our groove on. you could tell which dj people were listening to by the color blinking on their headset, and when a popular song came on, you could take off your headphones and listen to everyone sing along out of tune. we shimmied and shook and jump and sang until we couldn’t shimmy or shake no more. 

next month is eat coast versus west coast and we’re for sure going back. see ya there!