Before you choose to buy dedicated proxy you must know that all types of proxies act as a mediator.  Proxies are used either by an individual or a company when you are working on anything online. It is highly recommended that you learn the difference between types of IPs and their functions. The motive of these proxies is to let you access any website by hiding your IP address.

              Buy Dedicated Proxy

Apparently, there are a countless number of proxies which can be of your service. Some of the proxies are free while there are many other proxy types which are not easy to afford. Two of the most frequently used types are shared and dedicated proxy.

Shared Proxy

As the name suggests, a shared proxy is used by more than one user. This signifies that if you are assigned a shared proxy, it is not only used by you but other people as well. In spite of the fact that there are many tech experts who are not in favor of using a shared proxy, there are many others who recommend using it instead.

Dedicated Proxy

Comparatively with the shared proxy, the dedicated proxy has more users and the reason is quite simple. When you buy dedicated proxy it is used by only one user. That is why dedicated proxies have some significant advantages over shared proxy.

Price Comparison

Most of the shared proxies are either extremely inexpensive or totally free. Dedicated proxy is never free of cost and has different packages as well.

Speed Comparison

As you know that a shared proxy is used by multiple users at the same time, it is evident that it is going impact the internet speed. When a server receives multiple queries at the same time, it overloads the bandwidth and leaves the user with extremely low internet speed.

Speed is the most important feature that a user requires; fortunately dedicated proxy keeps its user happy with this demand. There is no way that a dedicated IP can overload the bandwidth with a single person usage. It always delivers high-performance results and does not even expose any of your information to anyone else.

Security Comparison

Open and Free proxies are never reliable, the more people have access to it, the more there is a chance of getting hacked. Your personal and any other bank account information can be at risk while you access it through a shared proxy. Your browser and proxy can easily be accessed due to multiple users using the IP.

Dedicated proxies have absolutely no comparison when it comes to cyber security. When a proxy is used by you only, there is no way that it can be accessed by any outsider. This means that a dedicated is much more reliable than a shared proxy.

Anonymity Comparison

The chance of anonymity is very low when an IP is used by multiple people. In fact, there is a chance that using a shared proxy would expose your frequent visits to any other website.

When you are using a dedicated proxy, a server makes sure that your identity is strictly invisible to all the websites. So your identity is always concealed and secure when you are surfing the web.

Reliability Comparison

Free proxies such as shared proxies do not require any registration or authorization which means there is less chance of reliability. On top of that, it gets pretty hectic at times to test free proxies. Public proxies are properties of someone else and there is nothing that guarantees the reliability of such proxies.

One of the reasons that recommends all the proxy users to buy dedicated proxy is due to its reliability. This makes it impossible for anyone to become a threat to you.