I first met my husband  at the tender age of 15, in the coffee shop we both worked at. He was an older boy, the wrong boy, but I felt a flutter when he walked past. And throughout the next 5 turbulent years of heartbreaks and parties and schoolwork, he’d pop in and out of my life.

We’ve watched each other evolve through probably the most embarrassing period of our lives, and then in my junior year of college — when the parties were replaced with double waitressing shifts, and my focus narrowed to a laser-sharp vision of my career — we unexpectedly fell in love. The boy who wandered through life, the boy on the other end of my drunk texts, was now a passionate, ambitious young man who wanted to build a life with me.

And so we did.

Yet that life was filled with hard work, unpaid internships, and pinching pennies. We had a future to plan for — the romantic vacations and weekend getaways could wait.

Until, two years later, I was unexpectedly pregnant. We married in a court house — he was wearing jeans; I was wearing a brown dress — and our lives were consumed with hard work, baby gear, and pinching pennies. We had a baby to plan for — the honeymoon could wait.

Our son is now 4 and we’ve never had that vacation. We never took a honeymoon. Heck, we’ve never been alone in the same hotel room. We’ve been hammering away at the foundation of our lives for so long, and now we’re finally at a place where we can take a break, wipe our brows, and high five.

We’ve created a pretty extraordinary life for ourselves — crossing experiences off our Life Lists, making incredible memories with our son — but when it comes down to just the two of us? There’s always the promise of one day. 

Tomorrow is that day.

For the first time in 5 years of marriage, 7 years of dating, and 11 years of friendship, we’re finally taking our first getaway. Just the two of us. For three days. Alone. (ALONE!)

We’re heading to Newport, RI for some R&R&R(omance) with our generous goodie bag from P&G. (Wait until you see the lipstick I’ll be whipping out on our date nights.) We found what looks to be a cool little hotel suite to hide away in, with a scenic environment to explore. Alone. (ALONE!)

And it only took 11 years.

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