I like the idea of having some lovely words somehow embedded in my brain, words that will just be part of me, part of the atmosphere of my thoughts. So, I have a plan to learn a new poem every year. Hopefully, that means I’ll find some new-to-me, wonderful writers and words. 

Poem #1 The sweet, charming poem by e.e. cummings, “I Carry Your Heart With Me ,”  seemed like the perfect poem to start with, since now I will carry it with me, and carry it in my heart. 

Poem #2 Up next, I want to memorize and keep Albert Goldbarth’s “The Shawl,” mostly because I really connect with this phrase:

“He was discovering himself to be among the tribe that reads”

What a wonderful idea; “the tribe that reads”…

(plus, Goldbarth is pretty awesome, no?)