I lack focus – generally, not just when trying to take pictures of the marina at night (top tip: stop running first). There are a few things, though, that I really want to achieve or get started this year.

1. Celebrate.

Last year was tough; fun, at times, but not easy. This year has already had some pretty harsh reminders that life is short… Several of my goals involve celebrations or gatherings: a midsummer celebration, an informal gathering on a warm evening, an anniversary hoorah (10 years this year!). At least one, ideally two or three of those should be ticked off this year I think (and maybe next year. And the year after…). I also want to celebrate the seasons and mark the little holidays – no potential pocket of joy will knowingly go un-exploited! As the song goes ‘enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think’…

2. Consolidate

Back to the focus thing, I need to get back on an even ‘grown up’ keel. The fates conspired to have us move house three times in two years. My four year old son has had a different address for each of his four Christmases (and birthdays, come to that). That amount of moving and my generalised chaos are not a happy combination and I have had enough of feeling that life is on top of me and I’m scrambling to keep my head up. So, this year I plan to set in place systems to get and then keep on top of things. Finances, paperwork, housework, the endless magazines and catalogues that seem to arrive in shoals and scatter themselves about the place, breeding…

I also need to start driving properly. I have a licence, but I also have a massive mental block. It’s becoming more inconvenient and more of an issue to I need to grow a spine and just get on with it until it isn’t an issue any more (I may need a little help from my friends!).

3. Confidence.

I’ve never been massively confident, but eight years out of an office and the day to day cut and thrust, combined with a whopping 2 stone (24lb) weight gain over the last year have eroded my mojo. I want it back. I’m going to have to work for it… This is going to involve a few goals, including the getting organised and driving ones above, getting fit, using rusty skills and putting myself out there. Scary!

4. Finances.

I need to spend less, earn more, and get some proper long term financial planning in place. The basics, fortunately, are reasonably sound but I don’t feel ‘comfortable’. I want to.

5. Home.

We finally have a home that is ours, though it needs a lot of work to make it feel like ours. I want to make some tangible inroads into that this year. More details on specifics to come…