Here’s the thing about being a parent, at some point your kid learns how to read. And then you get to spend lazy Sundays in bed cuddled up while you read together. You can go to cafes and read over hot cocoa and tea. You can try to prevent your little one from bringing books into the bathtub, even though for some reason you’re allowed to do it, you big hypocrity hypocrite.

I recently suggested to Hank that we try reading 100 new books together, and he was excited about the idea because he is the best.

So I bought five surprise books, and I’m going to leave one in his car seat every week so he can read to me on the way to school.

Looking around the bookstore, I realized how many kid classics I somehow missed, despite a childhood dedicated to becoming a myopia prodigy.

The Little Prince, for example. Never read it. So I bought it, because one million tattooed smart people can’t all be wrong.

I’d love your suggestions for compiling our library list. What are the books from your childhood that you still adore?