It is impossible for me to feel unhappy in a helicopter.

But to get to this particular helicopter, we took a small tour bus up the Great Ocean Road.

It was gorgeous. And winding. And interactive! Which — because I am a headphone listener at heart, and because I was nauseous — made me grouchy.

So, in the interest of full disclosure, there were downsides. These included that other passenger on the bus who just wants to talk to you guys. About all the things, for 12 hours while you are trying not to vomit. And you don’t know how nice to be, because your instinct is to be nice. Because that person is just trying to be friendly. But you do not have 12 hours of nice in you, and you are preoccupied with concerns about being sick into your camera bag.

Major upsides included:


… Koalas! Just sitting up in the trees like, “No thang. I’m a sleepy Koala. Allow me to yawn luxuriously.” GAH! Get down here Koala! I will hug you until your squishiness is tested to its limit!

But then the koala just falls asleep because it is high on Eucalyptus, and probably has Chlamydia. So fair enough.

More upsides:

…Giant Land of the Lost ferns.

… Sleestacks.

I kid. Sleestacks are never an upside.

… The beach where the the two survivors of the Loch Ard, according to our tour guide, got nekkid to warm one another after they washed ashore. Salacious historical trivia, high five!

… and helicopters!

The helicopters were there to take us over the Twelve Apostles, which are giant rock formations just sitting out along the shore, waiting to sink unsuspecting ships in the 1800s.

Neat, right?

Especially because I was flyyyyying through the air when I took this photo. Like a winged Pegasus! Who was only moments before considering vomiting in her camera bag!


Helicopters have magical healing powers.

Or maybe it was the total inability to converse with fellow tour passengers over the noise of the propeller?

Either way, worth it.