The Web brought me family.

A few years ago, when I added “form a workplace with people I love” to my Life List, I was writing alone from home, or in coffee shops, or eventually in a closet-sized office in the Mission. It was a little lonely.  (Like William Carlos Williams  lonely.)

Today I work on Go Mighty with five industrious women based all over the country. I imagine them in fedoras with press passes tucked in the bands, banging away on typewriters, and pencils clutched in their teeth. My Gal Fridays are like a family I got to choose myself, which is the nicest thing one can say about an office, virtual or otherwise.


I remember cubicles, and HR-mandated meetings, and the guy one desk over who sent angry emails that said I reminded him of his estranged mom. And now! I get to wake up and decide what to do with my day! What I want to make next, and with whom.


“Form a workplace with people I love” is a goal so huge and subjective, it’s been difficult to decide whether it was finally time to check it off. While I thought it over, I remembered the hundreds of interesting people I’ve met in the last decade.

Makers who love being online, both because we always have a project to share, and because the Web helped us form our teams.

Whether you’ve been misunderstood in a small town, lonely in a big city, or far from the familiar in a foreign country — the Web can bring you family — a family of creators, artists, producers.

Photo from Jenny Lawson

These people (you people!) are my people.

So! Let’s celebrate.

The Go Mighty team is heading to ALT, and we partnered with RedEnvelope to plan a “Crush on You” party. The theme is about gratitude for the writers, photographers, comedians, and makers who inspire us online. The people who show us that we have a community, assure us that we aren’t the only
ones who think Pinterest is Drunk.

We’ll have hundreds of Crush Cards waiting so you can tell us who inspires you with their work online. And maybe let RedEnvelope send them a thank-you gift? Yes. That would be so nice.

I know many of you aren’t attending ALT, but please consider writing a thank you note to the Internets anyway. Starting Monday, I’ll be posting a Crush Card every day until Valentine’s Day to let you know who I want to tuck into my pocket. If you do the same and tweet about it (#crushonyou), we’ll enter you and your Web crush to win a gift from RedEnvelope. Something fancy.

Photo of Amber  by Leslie Fandrich

In the meantime, I want to thank you. Whether you’ve read Mighty Girl  over the years, attended a Mighty Summit   or Camp Mighty or claimed some good things for yourself by posting your Life List and stories here on Go Mighty, you are it for me. You are the workplace full of people I love.

Aren’t you glad we found each other?