There are activities on my Life List I expect will be rewarding — doing something scary, traveling, volunteering for baby-saving activities, that kind of thing. 

I did not expect that removing hair from my legs for thirty days would be one of the Rewarding Things. It started as an effort to do more small things that make me happy. And while this project isn’t exactly going on my résumé, it has had a surprising impact on my day-to-day contentment.

Life is less irritating when my legs aren’t scratching together constantly, and it feels sweet to take care of myself in this way. As my body tumbles, against my will, toward denoument, I have a ritual every day that makes me feel pretty. And that’s nice.

It takes me five minutes to shave, but I get so much more than five minutes of happiness from it daily. I wake up softer, I walk around in the world softer, I literally feel better in my skin.

So shaving may not be your thing, obviously, but if you can find any small thing that makes you happier without much effort or resources, and commit to doing it for a month, maybe it will make a better life for you. Worth it.

Image by Jennifer Rector.