So many kumquat hybrids available in San Francisco right now, and I’m not sure why. Is this a byproduct of the mixology movement? Because all of these would be delicious in drinks.

This is a Mandarinquat. It has a thicker peel than a kumquat and is the peel is less sweet, very juicy though. It’s sour with a Mandarin aftertaste, lots of juice, and is great with cheese. Manchego, to be specific.

Limequats have a thin peel, just like kumquats, and are so fragrant. The peel is delicious, it tastes how limes smell, but sweet.

I don’t get Centennialquats. They have juice like a tangier tangerine, but the peel isn’t very good. Too much orange-peel overtone.

Clearly someone really needs to get on the Grapefruitquat.