Hey. Remember how embarrassing my bedroom was before ?

Well. Things are better now.


Oh my, friends. Everything has changed.

I feel light-headed when I wake up and look around. I’ve been surprised and giddy every day since I woke up in this bed, which I’ve coveted for years and years.

Victoria Smith  took these lovely photos, and helped me bring my dream room to life. I think I’m in love.

Victoria. Marry me.



These are my journals over the years. I like to keep them close, and Victoria told me to stack them in my nightstand and face the spines away from inquring eyes.

Victoria also taught me that throw pillows are like jewelry. You can have a lot of costume pieces that are affordable and novel. OR, you can invest in the perfect solution. At first, I thought that was silly, but the room is so spare that these crazy, shiny pillows have become an unexpected focal point.

I want to take things slowly on the  art front, so my room doesn’t feel like a hotel. I’d like to frame things I’ve gathered on trips, or pick up the perfect thing at the flea market, so weirdly these beautifully made pillows have become my first pieces of art.

Most of these shiny pillows and the duvet, are a gift from the gracious folks at In Bed. They are, so far, surpassing my New Years goals  on the “make things shinier” front. (Speaking of which, the rug from Serena and Lily  has metallic leather in the weave, which catches the light like tinsel. And the disco ball merits its own post, so hold on that please.)

The grey hatch sheets and hobnail pillow are from dwellstudio   and I have on good authority that the sheets get baby soft with a few washings. Yessss.

The one thing I did frame? My Mother’s Day card from Hank. It’s the first thing I want to see every morning.

If you’ve been thinking of redoing a room, do as much as you can as soon as you can. I can’t believe I waited so long. It’s the single most impactful thing I’ve crossed off my Life List.

My new room is so me, and so hopeful.

Thanks to Olay for the goal grant that got us started, and to everyone who helped me get over my fear of taking the redecorating plunge. I was oddly paralyzed by the enormity of it all, but all the hard work has resulted in so much peace. I’ve always believed in the idea that you could change your situation from the outside in, but never have I felt the truth of that so strongly as when I walk in here and feel my shoulders un-hunch.

Are you tackling a room in your place lately? Let us know in comments. And if you’d like to see more photos of how my room came together, head over to SF Girl By Bay  for Victoria’s post.