dinodone2 (1)

I’ve had all the stuff to do this sitting in my apartment for two years. Why? Why did I wait so long to make giant glitter dinosaurs a reality? I have only myself to blame. Be ye not such a procrastinator. Full instructions below.


Materials: Plastic Dinosaurs (I got mine from a junk shop for $5 apiece.), Mod Podge glue, Glitter, disposable cups, wooden skewers, glitter, a box or newspaper for drying the dinos, plastic gloves (optional).

Step 1: Pour some glue and glitter into a disposable cup. Slightly more glitter than glue, so you don’t have to do a zillion coats.

Step 2: Mix in the glitter with your skewer.

Step 3: Open a bottle of wine, as this will be harder to do with your glitter/glue covered gloves on. I find a Pinot Noir pairs well with the scent of Mod Podge.

Step 4: Put your gloves on and start painting the dinosaur. If you don’t get fairly thick coverage on first go, mix in more glitter. You can coat the whole thing, but I left the bottoms of the feet sans glitter because I didn’t want it wearing off.

Step 5: Let the first coat dry, it will happen in 20-30 minutes, probably much faster. Do touch ups or an entire second coat depending on your desired coverage level. Then let that dry.


Now make a second one so they can fight over dwindling dinosaur resources. Jurrtastic.


Go Mighty is kicking off our I Made This team project over the next two weeks. If you make something and tag it #imadethis on a Go Mighty story, you enter to win a new, limited-edition Polaroid camera, which is currently in my closet. I’ll round up my favorite stories on Go Mighty and Mighty Girl, and afterward we can compare glue gun scars.