I sometimes delay Fun until it magically becomes Not Fun — particularly around the holidays. For example, I love choosing presents, but I wait until the twelfth hour and abracadabra. I’m at the Container Store on Christmas Eve beating someone senseless  with a Keepsake Shadowbox.

Last year, I realized there are a things I must do during the holiday season, or I feel under-celebratory — like I missed everything and I’m starting the New Year off-kilter. So these are my holiday resolutions for 2013:

1. Hang a wreath on the front door. I can buy it, make it, whatever. It just makes me happy to have a reminder that these few months are celebratory. Nice things are happening, and I am a part of them.

2. Arrange a Thanksgiving dinner with all the crucials. Turkey, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, brussels sprouts, pumpkin pie, apple pie, spiked cider. And some decorative gourds. That shit is going to look so seasonal.

3. Host a leftovers party. Ask friends to bring whatever’s still in the fridge or what’s left of the bourbon. Invite friends who are willing to nap.

4. Obtain a tree weeks before Christmas. You’re going to do this eventually, just get on the stick. Pine fresh living room for weeks!

5. Stock the advent calendar. Oh man, the kid goes nuts for this. And all the presents are so satisfying and tiny.

6. Send cards. Send them in enough time that people realize they’re still on your list. That way they send you something back. And you can make one of those slightly terrible card-wreaths, and sigh with contentment every time you open your mailbox and find real mail.

7. Get new pajamas for Christmas Eve. For the kiddo, and also for me. This is the present we unwrap the night before so everyone gets new PJs for lounging on Christmas Day.

8. Purchase gifts before December hits. I like getting everything online in enough time that Etsy will wrap it for me. I also like to order small host gifts in advance, so I have something thoughtful to bring to parties and I don’t have to squeeze in a visit to the corner store for a bottle of wine en route.

9. Trade stockings with another single girlfriend. Stockings are my favorite part of Christmas morning, I love filling them and opening them. Important.

10. Open the house up on Christmas Day. Bake cookies so everything smells nice. Put out a ham and sandwich fixings. Receive guests in your jammies.

11. Wear a sparkly dress. New Year’s almost doesn’t count if I’m not wearing sequins. I will also need a paper hat, a party blower, confetti, new chonies, and an early dinner reservation.

12. Make no-fail New Year’s Resolutions. Last year  I ate so many doughnuts, you guys.