Baga Gazaryn Chulu

Did you know you can often volunteer on archaeological digs when you travel, even if you have no experience?  It’s a great way to make  a special connection with a place.  In 2008 I volunteered for three weeks on a project in Mongolia, a few hours south of Ulaanbaatar along the fringes of the Gobi desert. The best part, besides epic burials like the one pictured, ancient rock art, and ruined temples; was that we worked with local archaeologists. Working side-by-side gives  you a really unique opportunity to get to know people on a level you wouldn’t normally be able to.

Loved it!

Google taglines like ‘volunteer archaeological dig’ and the country or state you are interested in to find opportunities. Some have fairly high fees- you’re basically funding their research, but those fees usually include room and board, excursions, lectures, and land transportation. Enjoy!