It started with these vases, in this color. I love the simplicity of the design and how it looks complete even without placing flowers in it. They sit in my front entry way, welcoming me home, day after day. 

At the time of purchase and even now, it feels a bit risky, like the start of something real. Red is a favorite color of mine. When I see it in a room, or on a page or a person, my eye travels to meet it. But when I look around my home, red is limited to these vases.

Like my home, I have often had the habit of playing it safe. My body follows and slips into a rounded posture. I have to remind myself to sit up straight and lean into conversations that surround me. I saw this Ted Talk  and heard Amy Cuddy explain how our bodies give it all away. We become the shape our bodies take.

This is not the first time I have heard this news. In yoga, it is believed that the poses we struggle with the most hold our truest truths. For me, the struggle has always been Half Hanuman, the pose which bravely asks us to stretch over in half and press our hearts to our legs. The same legs that I have a thousand times over wished to trade out for a longer pair, the same ones that keep me small. You want me to bravely press my heart there?

It’s all beginning to make some sense to me. How we all just want to be true to ourselves and accepted at the same time. We all want to make space for our version of the red vase, our truest truth.

My goal is to fill my home with moments of red but my real hope is to play it safe less often. I am ready to stretch into a new shape, one that is pressed into my heart, welcoming me home, day after day.