Most of the students nowadays get confused in writing assignment as they do not have any idea as how to start their writing. Moreover, the structuring and division of assignment becomes a bottle neck for them. This writing is all about assignment guidance from top to bottom. A proper assignment should have the following things:

  • Title page: A proper formatted detailed description of the student and assignment details.
  • Acknowledgment: Here you need to include the credentials and the people behind  your successful submission and competitions.
  • Abstract: An overview of what you are writing about. The abstract of the assignment could be include in your introduction if you are writing a detailed introduction.
  • Introduction: Basic know how of what your description is all about.
  • Literature review: The literature review contains the background behind your study.
  • Methodology: Methodologies are the methods or tools from where you are going to evaluate your research data.
  • Conclusion and Recommendations: Conclusion and recommendations includes your input or suggestions for the highlighted issue.
  • References: References are the sources from where you get the information about your research work.
  • Appendices: Appendices is a list of words you think the reader must know in order to understand your assignment.

Writing the body of an assignment need the following sections to include in:

Introduction: Introduction of an assignment should have title, literature review and overview of your research topic. A good assignment contain thesis statement too in your introductory paragraphs. assignment. You may highlight few issues in the main discussion body but do not make it too long.

Conclusion: Conclusion in an assignment writing is very important. You need to input your suggestions in your writing. 

  • A good assignment should comprises of many key points.
  • A good writing should be free from plagiarism
  • It should be very vivid that is it should be in simple sentences
  • Do not confuse your readers and make everything clear to them
  • You assignment should be in proper format that is the prescribed citation standards
  • Citation should be correct because your user will verify your provided information from that source.
  • Assignment should be proofread before submission

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