Ok, I know I’ve already posted both of these dragons here, they were my June and July stuffed animals.  The thing is these guys took literally ALL of my sewing time for TWO MONTHS, which I a) find utterly ridiculous and b) am crazy proud of. 

They’re a gift for my cousin and his bride to be. She saw pictures of my other animals on facebook and requested that I give them a stuffed animal for their wedding.  How cool is that?  In honor of the occasion I thought the dragons ought to be dressed up in their best wedding haberdashery (removable, of course) and my boyfriend offered to sew the hats if I’d show him how (he hates giving a gift he had nothing to do with).  His fingers are bruised and swollen and he’s got a few pin pricks, but the hats look amazing!

I can’t wait for the happy couple to open them!