Here’s a little known fact about me: I taught Christopher Cross’ son how to ballroom dance. True story. It was 1988 and I did it like it was my job. It was my job. When I was a junior in high school, I was a ballroom dance instructor in Austin. I made $12 and hour, and it might have been the greatest job ever now that I think about it. On parents night, Christopher Cross came to class, and I danced with him. So what I’m telling you is that I’ve danced with Christopher Cross, but I’ve never been sailing.

Or I never had been sailing until last month.

When Jenny and I went to Australia, the very first thing I wanted to see was the Sydney Opera House. It’s actually sort of the only thing I knew that wanted to see in Sydney. I know it’s obvious, but it’s iconic and it’s beautiful and it was really the only touristy thing I wanted to do for sure for sure. 

Our smart guides at Tourism Australia suggested we go by boat. So that’s what we did.

This was our Captain. He was a very nice young man from England who likes Brit Pop and football (soccer…or saaaaakkkkkeeerrrr, as he imitated us saying it). He moved to Australia because he married an Australian girl, and he called me Skippy after a kangaroo on a TV show from the 80s who I think was kind of like Lassie. He was a good Captain and he took us around Sydney Harbor.

First we came upon the Harbor Bridge, which is an impressive structure.

There were people climbing on the top of the bridge. I’m 98% sure these people were Sean and Rachel.

Then we saw it.

The icon. No matter how you look at it, this baby is a thing of beauty. Kind of like Beyonce. 

I took like 1,200 selfies in front of it.

We sailed around it for quite a while. It was relaxing and surreal.

Here’s Jenny as we were sailing around Sydney Harbour. Doesn’t she look relaxed? And now imagine her saying “This is so surreal!” 

The whole sailing adventure was quite like that.

Even when we sailed past the extremely strange and haunted amusement park, Luna Park. You never expect to see a giant man head floating next to the water from your yacht. And that’s a sentence I never thought I’d type. 

The trip was filled with all kinds of relaxing and surreal things…most of which I never thought I’d experience and none of while I thought I’d type. 

But this was just the beginning.

And it was the perfect way to kick off an Australian trip or a day in Sydney. I highly recommend it. Christopher Cross would agree. I think he told me this when we were dancing in 1988.