I know it’s cool to hate made-up holidays. But I’m not cool. I love made-up holidays…the more corny and the more ridiculous the better. Talk Like a Pirate Day, yes. Clergy Appreciation Day, sure. Ferris Wheel Day, sign me up. But let’s face it, the master of all trumped up days is Valentines Day. It explodes my fave colors (red and pink together, thank you very much). And it’s just goofy. You’re putting your heart out there. Literally. So bring it, Love Fest. Because, it seems to me, that in life in general, the more corny and ridiculous you are, the more real you are being…the more interesting you are. And that’s who I want to sit next to at the lunch table.

This is just one reason why I’ve always want to throw a Crush Party. An Over-the-top I-Heart-You Valentines Love-Fest-O’Rama. And a week from today, I’m totally doing that with Go Mighty.

It started in a different way, as things often do. We were already going to do a party at Alt Summit (because we love Alt Summit) and then the next thing I knew, Sarah called that we were partnering up with RedEnvelope there to do a Crush Party for bloggers. Dreamy dream.

It will be a total Love Fest and it’s titled #CrushOnYou. There are so many things about this party that I love, and I’ve had a blast planning it with the team. I can’t wait to tell you about all the details (the week after the party, I swear, I swear). But this party is a dream come true for me. We’re serving one of my very favorite foods and exploding the room with some of my favorite things. And those classic RedEnvelope boxes … awesome. We’re inviting attendees and speakers to share their blog crush on an art installation. Pin a heart, receive a gift. Be named as a crush, and maybe you too will receive a gift. All thanks to RedEnvelope. It’s going to be pure delight. And I love creating delight for people I love.

And I love creators.

Because if you are putting it out there, I have a crush on you.

It’s easy to be a critic…all that is rooted in must-dos, must-haves, musts…it’s rooted in perfectionism. And perfectionism is exceptionally boring. The real juice is in the process. People who embrace the process, those are the people I like. Those are the stories I want to read. Those are the people I want to support.

So this party will be a love note to the creators. They are the brave ones. You are the brave ones.

And I have a crush on you. 

Photo Source: Geronimo Balloons  (balloons which just might make an appearance at this Mighty Crush Party)

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