o last year, when I made my life list, I included: “15. Have a cool pair of glasses for every day of the week.” Because now that I actually have to wear glasses every day of the week (Dammit 40!), I am picky about (and need variety in) the things I have to put on my face.  Honestly, I would have 300 pair if I could. But that would be ridiculous and glasses are dumb expensive…. However, I got a tip from a hipster friend, and in the spirit of hipster SXSW week, I’m passing it along to you. Sort of a PSA for the visually challenged and glasses obsessed….

To make this happen, I got my prescription from my doctor and ordered them myself online (It’s would be totally impossible for me to afford 7 pairs of glasses from my optometrist.) And I found this site that I now tell everyone (including you) about.(Seriously, everyone asks me about these glasses…just this morning, like 10 minutes ago, the three girls that work at the bank next door to my office all sort of bombarded me when I went in. So that happened.)

So here it is. The secret to owning 7 pairs of glasses: This site. 

They run about $20 to $60 a piece. You put in your own prescription (It’s yours, take it with you, and don’t buy the expensive glasses at your optometrist’s office. Seriously. Major markup.) And about 10 days later or less, they’re in your mail. Done.

This sounds like an advertisement. It’s not. This isn’t even a sponsored post. It’s an above-and-beyond love post. Because I love my glasses. I am asked where I got them all the time. All the time. 

So get your prescription and get your glases. You’re welcome.