Today, for the first time in my  life, I jumped off a diving board! It might sound small but it FELT huge and oh so summery. I was always afraid to try when I was young and like so many things I just accepted my fear or ignored it, but I decided this summer would be different and today I made it different.

When I got to the lake tonight I only had 40 minutes before swimming closed for the day so I quickly stripped down to my swimsuit and headed for the water. After slowly swimming out I climbed onto the platform, braided my hair and made my way to the edge of the board. Looking out at the water I made one quick motion and plunged in… it felt like a burst of summer, like the summer you see in movies, more summer than I have felt in weeks!

Photos courtesy of Seattle Municipal Archives 

PS The diving platform doesn’t look like the photo anymore but the beach hasn’t changed. I walked down those same steps and there is most definitely still a lifeguard rowing around in a boat …which made me smile.