I’ve taken a long, sad hiatus from this goal. I started the year so strong, and then hit a period of real struggle with trying to figure out how to build a thriving freelance business from scratch in a foreign country. Then I started having successes, and being invited to travel a lot for my work, and getting sick from too much stress.

But all the while, I’ve been aching to get back to work on my fonts. So going into the winter, I am recommitting. Hold me accountable, mighty people!

I have taken a few steps, since my last post:

  • I posted my first learning exercise font, Digitulle, on Creative Market. This was really a test run, to get familiar with the process. I don’t expect people to buy it, because it really is very niche display font that only includes basic letters, numbers, and punctuation – no accented characters or other font features. But I’m glad I did it. Now when my next font is ready, that part of the process won’t be scary.
  • I have been taking a few classes on Skillshare. At $15-$20 a pop they are a really affordable way to be inspired by a professional working in the field, and boost your skills:
  • I have been updating my Let’s Make a Font blog with fun links and articles about type as they come across my desk. If you want to see a “typefight” or “negative space alphabet”, go take a gander.
Last but not least, I’ve been falling in love with pointed nib calligraphy. Try not to become mesmerized by the video above. I double dare you.