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While we haven’t exactly mastered a family concert of Clapton’s Greatest Hits, we are making slow but steady progress with our family goal of learning to play the guitar as a family. The kids were enthusiastic at first, until they realized that one lesson does not Tom Morello make.

But we kept at it, and they pushed past callouses on their fingers and frustration that they weren’t instantly amazing at it, and we’ve settled into a routine of practicing and weekly lessons through a local music school. (Dexter Music Academy  . . . holla!)

I am happy to report that there is now pride in the callouses, and a genuine interest in practicing and learning more. We practice right after we get home from school . . . it has become a part of the routine, and even Karis pulls out a guitar and tries to join in.

Learning guitar has been time-consuming and we’ve cut out a lot of the things other kids their age are doing. We said no to sports this season, as well as to scouts. But I’m excited that we are taking this season to learn something that I hope will give them enjoyment for the rest of their lives.

This post was sponsored by Next Generation and the Clinton Foundation as part of the Too Small to Failcampaign. Several bloggers, including myself, have added goals on Go Mighty around spending more time with the kids in our lives. You can check them out here and join in by tagging #gomighty4kids on your kid-related goals.