A lot of people assume that they already know everything about general car insurance. Even students think that as long as they have already chosen a proper student car insurance from General, they do not have to worry about anything anymore.

You do know that your college life is fun but it is also more hectic than what you expected. You may be surprised to know that there are so many homework and projects that you have to finish at a very short amount of time. How will you have enough time to look for the proper car insurance?

Some Factors that Can Affect Car Insurance for College Students

There are certain things that students know will affect their car insurance such as the following:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Grades

Aside from these things, there is still one other factor that you should know about. Car insurance companies would like to know if you usually take your car to school. At this point, you may think it is funny. It is not funny for car insurance companies because they truly want to know.

If you take your car to school, there is a higher chance that you will get into an accident while you are riding it. They would need to consider you as a riskier client as compared to another student who does not normally take the car to school.

These are still other factors that you may not realize are taken into consideration by car insurance companies:

  • Location - Where is your school located and where do you live? Locations that are more rural do not have to worry about paying high rates. Those who are in urban areas will pay higher insurance rates. Urbanized areas have more cars on the road. There are also more pedestrians to deal with. The chances that a student will get into an accident is much higher.
  • Vehicle Type - What type of vehicle do you own? If you have a sports car, expect that your car insurance rate is going to be very expensive. Will the “cool status” on campus be worth it whenever you need to pay for your insurance? You may want to get other vehicles that are more appropriate for your age. The insurance will not be as expensive as well.
  • Driving Record - You may be aware of this even if you are not aware of the other things on this list. You need to have a good driving record so you can pay low fees on your insurance. You know that you are young and excited to drive. You have a lot of energy and you may speed up at times. If you get too many tickets, you may not even be given car insurance. If you are considered a high-risk driver, then you are also expected to pay more in the long run.
  • Credit History - Insurance companies would like to know how well you have paid for your other debts in the past. If you have a good credit rating, you can save up a lot on the fees that will be assigned to you. If your credit history is bad, expect that you also have to pay more.
  • How Often You Drive Your Vehicle - How often do you drive your car? If you use your car just for everything, even if you only have to go one block, you are going to pay higher fees for your car insurance. It is expected that you are excited to drive everywhere especially when you have just bought your car but if it is not practical, do not do it anymore.

There are some college students who try their best to become part of their own parents’ car insurance policies from General. This can be more cost-effective in the long run. There are just some rules that need to be followed so that this will be possible.