First of all- If it’s past May 30, Check this out. If you’re like many pinterest users, you pin and pin and pin and dream of a life where you actually get off your butt long enough to make a single thing. This movement is all about doing just that :)

Second- I’m not cool enough for a blog. So I pin away in silence, quietly completing a decent percentage of them. I’m happy to finally have a medium to come forth and spread my pin love.

One of my several most recent pin experiments was the Crockpot Chocolate Mud Cake 

I’m new to the world of crockpots, but a seasoned veteran of cakes. I received a weird crockpot type thing for a white elephant gift exchange last Christmas, and have now used it a total of two things. Crockpot foods require planning, and my life contains equal parts of lazy and spontaneous change, so I using the crockpot never seems like a great idea. This recipe claimed that my cake would be done in 1-2 hours, so I decided to go for it. The recipe required a 2.5-5 quart crock. Mine is kind of weird, and has three different crocks to cook in- kind of like this one.

Apparently each one is about 1.5 quarts, so I decided to split the batter between two of them. I readied everything, and then left to mini-binge on Game of Thrones while I waited for them to be done. I checked after an hour, and it looked essentially as I had left the. ‘No matter,’ I thought. The recipe did say it would take 1-2. It was clearly going to be two, so I returned in another hour. Still nothing. The crockpot was on, so at least I’m not an idiot. They seemed mildly more cooked, but were still little more than raw cake batter (with a weird watery component, or else I’d probably would’ve called it good enough and just nommed on the batter). I came back two hours later. I was hungry, disappointed, and it was nearing bed time. I settled and made single serving chocolate chip cookies (A tale that is coming up next), because clearly this cake was not going to be enjoyed that night. After the total of 4 hours, they were looking distinctly more cake-like, but still distinctly undercooked. An hour later, I cake up (That was supposed to say “gave up.” I’m leaving it though haha). It had been a total of five hours, now about an hour past when I like to sleep, and we were still at least an hour away from having edible cake. The recipe says to turn off the crockpot, take off the lid, and let the cake cool. I decided my only hope for this cake was to turn off the crockpot, but keep the lid on, in hopes it would cook the rest of the way. The next morning I awoke to find my theory probably mostly worked! It was floating in a pool of molten (or previously molten) chocolate and slightly pulled away from the edges, just as it should have been! So this was my breakfast:


I’m going to call it a success. I was hoping that the “molten chocolate” would be like a delicious hot fudge sauce, but it was kind of more like cake batter that couldn’t bake for whatever reason (the whole “pour this weird hot sugar chocolate water over the top of the batter” step was a bit weird to me, and I think this is what it resulted in), so that was a little gross, but the cake part was AWESOME. I’m still not convinced of the crockpot’s magic, however.