I have the summer off! No working AT ALL. I’m still kind of reeling at this idea, but I need to stop reeling and start doing, lest I miss the chance to squeeze every bit of goodness out of this rare opportunity.

Spending an entire summer playing with my kids was something I put on my life list years ago, when it seemed like a complete impossibility. And yet, here we are. After many years of working full-time, followed by 1-1/2 years of part-time working from home, this summer I finally have the chance to spend a summer focused on spending time with my kids. Woot!

There are, of corse, a couple challenges:

  1. My boys are 12 and 3. The age spread can make finding activities suitable for both kind of tricky.
  2. Down one income, we are predictably broke. 

So we put together a list of fun activities that *should* appeal to both kids and that (with a couple exceptions) won’t cost us much cash. (I also snuck in some activities solely for me, so don’t get worried when you see “drink sangria” on the list.) We are dubbing this list our Summer Staycation Syllabus:

  • Ride a ferry at sunset
  • Go the the aquarium
  • Go to the Vashon Island Strawberry Festival
  • Go to the zoo
  • Guide my oldest son through his very own charitable service project (he chose endangered gorillas as his cause)
  • Hike through the Hoh Rain Forest
  • Visit each of Seattle’s neighborhood farmers markets
  • Learn to use the grill
  • Drink sangria
  • Ride Naked with the Solstice Cyclists (This one was just for me, and I did it! )
  • Make popsicles
  • Read all of the books currently stacked under my nightstand
  • Ride Seattle’s Great Wheel
  • See some live music
  • Sit somewhere quiet and do nothing.
  • Take the family camping
  • Take the train to Portland
  • Visit 10 new parks around Puget Sound
  • Visit every city park in West Seattle
  • Yoga. Outside. (I did it!)
  • Watch an outdoor movie