My mom has been telling me for years to shop in the petite department.  Sometimes I listen to her, but often I find myself in stores that don’t have petite clothes.  J. Crew does – but only online.  The Gap doesn’t (and I am liking more and more of their stuff lately) and even in major department stores the petite department doesn’t have the same great stuff as the regular ladies.

Now I could rail about how department store buyers must think that anyone under 5’5″ wants to dress like a Midwestern Grandmother but I won’t.  Instead I will just continue to buy my clothes in the regular department and have them drag on the ground.  

Luckily rolled up jeans are a trend now, so I can get away with being a short girl in long pants for a little while longer but the day will come soon when I need to cut them down to size.  There are tailors on every corner in New York (in fact there is one on the ground floor of my building) and I have on occasion taken clothes to be altered.  I know that fashion magazines say that is how you make your wardrobe work for you (and how people look richer even in cheap clothes – when they are tailored to fit) and I am okay with that every once in a while, but I find it hard to justify paying $10 to hem $20 pants (I am a sale shopper).

So I need to do it myself.  I own a sewing machine – somewhere – and an iron.  Frankly, I can hand stitch and that is probably easier.  I just need to sit down and do it.  Then maybe one day I can wear flats with non-rolled up hems.