I am a networking fiend and I am not afraid to say it. Could there be anything more thrilling than hooking someone up in need with someone else you know who does exactly what that person is looking for? Confusing yes but thrilling – completely! 

I just love to introduce people to others. I feel like anytime someone is looking for a job or an apartment – I have to be their go-to girl. Why yes, I do know quite a few landlords and yes I have a list of a bunch of great places hiring right now. Professionally, it is even more exciting. You can see my story about the Will You Be My Pal events – it is sheer proof of the excitement I get out of something like that. It is almost like I am just so happy connecting people, I could care less if I make any connections. Who knows, maybe I am subconsciously holding out for my big karma payback or something. Regardless, I love the concept which is why Go Mighty appealed to me so greatly when I first found out about it.

To attend a Go Mighty event like Camp Mighty would be incredible and entirely plausible. I feel like many of my goals are currently linked so if I start working hard on them, I feel like this goal will be accomplished as well.

 image credit: Camp Mighty