Ah yes, there is likely one goal on every Mighty girl’s list that is slightly terrifying yet they put it out there just with the sheer hopes that overcoming it will ultimately happen. This is my slightly terrifying yet hopeful goal.

Learning to drive is a tricky tricky goal/fear of mine. You know how they say the longer you wait to do something, the scarier it becomes? When I was a 16 I had absolutely no desire to get my drivers license. First of all, I had no money for a car, gas, insurance or even Driver’s Ed. My parents didn’t force it on me – in fact, I don’t think I even ever sat in the drivers seat with my dad in the car until I was in my 20s. I loved being chauffeured around by my parents, my best friends and my boyfriend.

Then, when I was around 22 I had finally had enough of taking city transit and always been late for everything, especially in the winter. I signed up for Driver’s Ed and started the course. One day into the course I found out that I had gotten a job in another city that would start immediately so I had to withdraw from the class. I initially thought I would start again in my new town but after discovering that my new apartment was literally a 5 minute walk to both my work and to the grocery store and center of town – I didn’t end up signing up.

Fast forward to now, where I live in downtown Calgary and work from home. I REALLY don’t need my own car as I walk everywhere and plan all of my meetings downtown. On the weekends, Byron and I spend most of our time together so we are in our car together – except I don’t ever drive – not even to practice.

Calgary has just introduced a car sharing program called Car2Go which features about 300 Smart Cars parked randomly in an inner city radius. It is a monthly membership for $35 which includes insurance and you just pay by how much time you use it for. Super convenient. I think that learning how to drive and being able to utilize this incredible service to make my life a little easier when I am really busy, would be the icing on the cake.

First steps are saving up the $$$ to take Driver’s Ed again, signing up, sticking with it and practicing in our car when I have the chance. There are so many bad drivers out there but I feel like I have such an amazing handle on the laws and ways of the roads, that I will actually be a very safe and cautious driver when it comes down to it.