{At Granny’s kitchen table. I’m in the red dress looking sour. I needed a cup of tea.}

I’m a tea drinker. Always have been. When, during law school, all of my classmates were knocking back coffee like there was no tomorrow in order to make it through all-nighters, the best I could do was a half-cappuccino-half-hot-chocolate situation from the gas station.

Coffee does NOT sit well with me. I’ll leave it at that.

But tea is lovely.  A steaming cup of tea is comforting and calming and has a reflective quality.  I think the psychology behind the beverages have a lot to do with how I feel about them too.  Most people are ‘addicted’ to coffee and drink it to wake up or to stay awake; tea on the other hand is enjoyed for just the opposite reasons: to help digest your meal, to share conversations, to relax yourself.

My memories of drinking tea start right at my Granny’s kitchen table.  After every dinner, she’d set out tea (and probably coffee) for the adults to drink.  My sister, cousins and I wanted very much to be a part of the conversation at the ‘grownups table’ and the tea was our ‘in.’  We didn’t have to be a certain age to drink the tea, and we could feel as though we were a part of whatever it is that was going on at the big table.

Granny would let us go wild with the sugar and, because we were in Canada and because my grandparents were Caribbean, we always added cream.  We spilled tea all over the place and were reminded 1,000 times to be careful with the tea cups and drank tea so sweet is HAD to have given us headaches.  But we didn’t care.

My Granny was the consummate hostess.  Cooking up a storm, breaking out her good silver for special occasions, always having baked goods at the ready; even owning a fabulous Chesterfield (in the living room which were NOT allowed to set foot in) for company.  I have distinct memories of her chatting busily with friends, her ear glued to the beige receiver of her rotary phone, playing cribbage or solitaire, munching on peanuts or fruit and nut chocolate bars, and me at the kitchen table, happy, peaceful…

with my tea.

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