It’s been one month since I started my weekly tap classes. My sister and I have been there every Tuesday and, honestly, I think we’re actually getting better! It’s so much fun to look forward to doing this new thing that is challenging and a little bit uncomfortable each week, and doing it with my sister makes it even more special. Last week our instructor pointed out that we both have trouble getting our steps right when we doubt ourselves. She wants us to work on our confidence. It’s funny to me that we can both be adults who have lived completely different lives, and yet we still share this foundational thing; we doubt ourselves. Luckily, we have each other for support and the stakes in tap class are not very high.

In related news, my friend Hannah is in the midst of becoming a full-fledged legit photographer. She knows she wants to do it for real and is in that strange place where you know what you want but there’s no clear path to get there other than just to start doing something about it, so I invited her to tap class to shoot some photos of us tapping our booties off. I figured if I can go mighty by showing up in my tap shoes every week, she could go mighty by tagging along with her camera and not being too shy to lie down flat on her belly to get a good shot. I wanted to invite her into the mighty.

And you know what? She totally nailed it. 

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