I was so glad I got a chance to visit the Sydney Opera House. Before visiting I didn’t know much about it other than the fact that it existed. The story of the Opera House is actually really fascinating. In 1955 they held a design competition with 233 architects entering. They had already discarded the design of Jørn Utzon, when the famous designer Eero Saarinen plucked it from the reject pile (he was one of the judges.) After overcoming Herculean engineering obstacles and making serious architectural breakthroughs the project was over budget and behind schedule. After a change in government in 1966 Utzon resigned from the project. The building was finished seven years later.

 They craziest part is Utzon never returned to Australia and never saw his building completed. It is pretty heartbreaking. Besides the sad story the Opera House is a very impressive place to visit. We got to peek inside several theaters and learn about all the amazing productions that have taken place. For me it is such a reminder how you have to take risks in life. They could have played it safe and just made a beautiful yet boring looking building but they took a huge risk and now they have a beautiful and famous building and landmark. After the tour we sat out on the patio with a view of the harbor and had a tasting menu which was amazing and I highly recommend.