West Elm  just opened up their gorgeous new store in Melbourne and since I was going to be in town we decided to throw a giant blogger party together. It was SO fun.

The first thing I knew I wanted for this party was a giant cake. It took some coordinating to figure out how to bring it in and frost it on site but Sweet Tiers was up to the challenge. When people came in most didn’t know what it was. When it was time to cut the cake we gathered everyone around and have everyone make noise while we cut it. It was super fun.

The flowers were gorgeous. They were designed by Phil at Katie Marx Flowers. He used a lot of native Australian flowers.

Every big party needs a photobooth wall so we just taped up squares on the wall for a colorful backdrop. It was super easy and looked great.

I asked my friend Amy Moss of Eat Drink Chic  to design the nametags, gift bags, and buttons for the party. She is so talented and they turned out great!

The food was catered by Egg Unlimited with the drinks by  Peacock Lane Santa Vittoria and C Coconut Water

This colorful installation was really simple to make and my friend Vivian  executed it for me (Vivian worked with me while we were in Paris!) It turned out beautiful!

Eliza Hull  is a Melbourne based poet and she wrote poems on site for anyone who wanted one. It was really cool.

I wanted some sort of thing that could be a conversation starter so we did a mood board where people could choose what mood they were in today. Amy  did such a great job.

I had so much fun. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to get to be there and meet everyone and also to eat that cake.

A special thanks to everyone who helped: West ElmGo Mighty Blog Society, Eat Drink ChicViv Talks too Much Little Market CartEliza HullEgg UnlimitedKatie Marx Flowers,Tamara ErbacherDann Event Hire, Sweet Tiers, Sootie EventsPeacock Lane,Santa VittoriaC Coconut WaterSweaty Betty PR