Shopping with Sibella Court was probably my favorite day in Sydney. I’ve been a huge fan of Sibella’s work for several years after I read about her shop. After a very successful career as a stylist in New York, Sibella moved back to her native Sydney and opened a shop called The Society, Inc. The last five years she has written several books, designed restaurants, launched a line of paint colors, and even designed a line of surfboards. I was so excited that she took time to take me shopping and go to lunch.

We arrived at Society, Inc which I could have spent all day at, it is so magical. There were so many beautiful little treasures artfully arranged. After I bought some stuff we wnt to Sibella’s office to meet her. The first thing I noticed when I met her is how pretty she is. It is the worst when really pretty people are talented too. But that I guess is her lot in life to be beautiful and talented…

Sibella took us to the first stop of the day: Mr. Cook, a florist shop. It is Springtime in Australia so there were gorgeous peonies and a ton of beautiful flower varieties I’d never seen that were native to Australia.

After we picked up some flowers we headed to a different neighborhood to visit Seasonal Concepts. It is a beautiful shop with lots of antiques, stuffed animals, and fresh flowers. If there was a theme to our afternoon I was starting to sense it: beautiful found objects and fresh flowers.

After our shopping we headed over to Balmoral where we had lunch at The Boathouse. Sibella told us about how the boathouse just used to be nothing but an old boathouse until these really talented people turned it into a gorgeous restaurant. It was pretty ridiculous, there were heaps of fresh flowers everywhere and beautiful food everywhere but there was still a casual and authentic vibe to everything. The restaurant set up a pretty little table for us on the pier and we had a really delicious lunch. At one point I looked around and felt like everything was pretty perfect.

It was awesome to be able to ask Sibella questions about her career. She is really savvy and is doing so many cool things. It was such an amazing day! A huge thanks to Sibella + Go Mighty + Tourism Australia and Air New Zealand!