My friend Sarah had recommended we take a Sea Plane up to the Northern Beaches. I wasn’t sure what to expect but it sounded interesting. When we arrived at the dock it finally dawned on me that we were going to take off on the water…in an airplane. The pilot was a Doogie-Howser-looking fellow who started to give us a safety demonstration with life jackets. I casually made a question about “how old do you have to be to fly a plane” when he said “Do I look young?” He assured me he had been flying for over 10 years and that he was very experienced. I guess I would be the judge of that.

We got in the plane and put on seatbelts and headphones so we could hear him while in flight and just like that the motor started and we were off. The experience was like nothing else I’ve ever done and was probably my favorite thing we did in Australia. What I loved about it was we stayed pretty low to the ground so we could see all of the coast from such a different perspective. I also loved that we were kind of off the grid. We didn’t need to take off from an airport or go through security and we all we needed to land was a decent harbor. The pilot pointed out all the landmarks and beaches and important things like Elle MacPherson’s house before he landed us gently into the harbor at Palm Beach.

We were picked up by a little boat and taken to the dock where our ride was waiting for us to take us to Jonah’s. The driver mentioned they had just had a lot of paparazzi up there that week because a famous boy band that she couldn’t mention had stayed there (1 Direction-yo!) This place was fancy. The view was ridiculous and we sat in the sun while people brought us good things to eat and drink. You could see whales peek up out of the water every so often while we ate. 

After a beautiful afternoon the driver came to collect us and take us back to the airplane. We took off again and enjoyed the views. Before we landed the pilot flew us over Sydney Harbour and the Opera House. It was such a cool experience! I will never ever forget it.