The photo booth works! When we finally got it working last Thursday I spent the whole day giddy and of course taking lots of photo booth photos. This was one of those goals that was really satisfying to accomplish.

Last week was another story though. I had been feeling really discouraged because I had already spent a few thousand dollars to buy the booth and ship it out. I had found a few people locally who understood how to maintain photobooths but they either weren’t familiar with the model I had or else didn’t have time. There just aren’t a lot of people who have three days to stop everything and come and get your photobooth up and running. It had been several months of hitting dead ends and I was wondering if I should try to get rid of the booth on Craigslist. I finally found someone, Anthony Vizzari at A&A Studios out of Chicago. I would have to pay to fly him out, which wasn’t in my budget, but at that point I was so desperate that I had no choice. He had been really great to work with over the phone but is a busy guy so it took a while to figure out scheduling. It’s a funny feeling when you are working on a budget and you feel like the only thing stopping you from getting things done is money, but then when you finally decide to spend the money and you still can’t get things done.

Finally last week he arrived. He had sent us lists of supplies and tools to gather so that when he arrived we could get started. We also had to scrub all of the chemical tanks and clean out the inside of the booth in advance.

Anthony is a photo booth genius. I can say this because I have seen several people unsuccessfully try to work on our booth. He came and looked at the booth and quickly ascertained what was missing and then went through each part of the booth and taught us how it all worked. He checked and tested each part of the machine stopping to clean or replace parts as he went. At the end of the first day the booth was working. I should have gotten video of it because I was so happy. There may have been some dancing involved, I don’t remember.

Anthony had us “test” the booth over the next day or so to make sure there weren’t any new problems. (Of course we invited all our friends over to help us test the booths too.) So far it has been running great. The next step is to restore the booth and make it “pretty” which makes me almost as excited as getting the booth running. A huge thank you to Go Mighty and P&G for making this dream come true. I’m already planning my first photo booth party.

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