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Owning a vintage dip and dunk photobooth is on my life list. About ten years ago I started making phone calls to research what it would take to keep and maintain one. Here is what my years of research has revealed about owning a photobooth:

1. They are big. They take up a lot of room.

2. They are heavy. They weigh about 1,000 pounds and moving them is an ordeal.

3. They are outdated. Finding materials and people who can help you fix them is a challenge.

4. They are expensive. They cost between $900-$10,000 to purchase, and cost ~$60 to maintain them running every month.

5. They are finicky. The chemicals are toxic and the machines themselves have to be lined up just right or they don’t work.

In every sense they are IMPRACTICAL.

But on the plus side they are MAGICAL.

The heart wants what the heart wants. Going against all logic I decided after 10 years of wanting one I was going to make it happen. We found one in Salt Lake City and I flew out to see it and arrange for it to be transported back to San Francisco. The one we found was a rare round model that had all the parts but needed some TLC in order to get it working. After we got it to our art studio we weren’t quite sure how to get it working and looking pretty again. That’s where Go Mighty and P&G comes in. They offered to help me actually get this photobooth up and running and restore it to it’s former glory.

1. A Photobooth Specialist is coming to San Francisco in a few weeks and he has agreed to help me get the mechanics working and train me on it.

2. In the meantime I’ve been working on sketches to get this booth painted. Someone decided to “update” the booth about 20 years ago and I want to restore it to its original look. I’m planning on commissioning some sign painters to so some hand painted signs on it and adding some black and white checkered floors. It’s going to be a lot of work but worth it when I finally own a beautiful working photobooth.

Here is a restored booth.

This is a picture trying to move it from a storage unit to a truck.

Here it is sitting in our art studio.

The original hand lettering is so great.

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